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SPF GT40 Mk2211 viewsSPF GT40 Mk2SwiftDB4
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Panorama Point photo op163 viewsSteve Powell's RoadsterAce
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Stu Spencer191 viewsWaiting to hit the track.Ace
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461 viewsEric P
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Merged Panorama167 viewsDonC
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Mueller1176 viewsMike and Stacey Mueller's "Tangelo" FFREric P
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180 viewsFactory Five Open House - 2007Chris Mann
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Our wagon master Bob is checking out the herd240 viewsEric P
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156 viewsClub President Don Newman "cracks up" as Steve Powell receives his "Drive it like you stole it" award created by Chris Mann. Eric P
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164 viewsA few roadsters were present to keep the new arrival companyEric P
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154 viewsYou can just see Mt. Hood in the background.Eric P
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145 viewsLooking across the Columbia River at Oregon. Sun was starting to come out!Eric P
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2008 Dorenbecher Exotic Car Rides182 viewsThese are the survivors - all these cars ran all day both Saturday and Sunday and did not fall to attrition.

Thanks also to Mike Smith for coming out and giving rides.!!!

Quote of the weekend after riding in a cobra.

"That was better than the Lambo"

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